monterey (+ returning home)

There's something sweet about leaving town. And there's something sweet about returning home, too. We recently spent three blissfully misty days & nights on the shore of Monterey Bay - our first family trip away. Aspen and Griffin were so enchanted by the endless scape of sand and sea. Even though the weather was chilly, we enjoyed every moment!

At the end of the third day, we drove home over the spine of California with two babes sleeping in the back. You and I whispered to one another over the sound of the rain. "We'll come back soon," you said. I nodded. "We will. I loved it there. But somehow, I feel even more in love with our home." Maybe you were going to say something in return, but a little voice spoke sleepily from the backseat, and I set about hushing and nursing and humming them back into dreamland. You smiled, and drove on.