On a white-washed winter evening in late 2015, my husband and I were walking up Washington street toward home. Our daughter was fastened tightly to my chest, and with one stubby finger, she pointed out at the empty window of what would one day be our shop. Though we had been talking about opening a business downtown for years, we hadn't quite grabbed hold of what the store might become. And then, just like that, we knew.

We stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and cupped our hands on the glass. Aspen followed suit, pressing her baby palms against the double doors. My husband wiped a spiderweb from the corner tile and said, "You know, we should open a toy store." We laughed about the idea that night, over cups of tea and popcorn. And we laughed the next day, too. And the next. But we started printing paperwork. We called toy companies. We piled boxes in the spare room. All the while laughing; all the while shaking our heads, smiling, asking one another, "Are we doing this?"

Little Roots is more than a retail store. It is our second home. It is a harbor for the community of Sonora. We know that true healing and happiness come not from buying things, but from nourishing imagination; from gathering together somewhere warm, and safe.

We strive to carry as many local, lovingly hand-made items as possible, followed by consciously sourced, eco-friendly toys and games. If you'd like to learn more about our family & our town, please explore the blog, and feel free to reach out with any questions!