january in review

It comes in waves.

Disbelief. Gratitude. Uncertainty, certainty, and back again.

We have been shopkeepers for two years, to the day. Each morning we wake, we dress, we bloom ground coffee beans and loosely plan the day. Fritters for lunch, a walk to the park, maybe a hike in the woods after rest. I sling a basket over one arm and prop a child in the other, lock our apartment door, walk down the stairs and out into the neck-nipping chill of January. Two city blocks pass by underfoot - we wave at friends, nod at fellow shopkeepers, stop for a coffee with cream, no sugar. We unlock the shop, flip the sign, switch the lights, breathe in. 

This is our life. We don't work "regular" jobs. We may be together, all four of us, every day, all day, as we please. We live two blocks from our shop. This is insane. Is this really our life?

Two years ago, with $3,000 in cash & a willingness to risk it all, we pulled Little Roots from our skin and bones and made it so. We offered our lives, our money, our home to the birth of a business. KC worked nights at the casino, digging dirty quarters from the belly of machines. We moved into Lisa's garage. We woke and held one another and said, this is worth it, this is for them, this is for everything. It will get better. We will rise again.

And now, here we are. Two years have unrolled behind us. We have a modest home of our own. The shop is absolutely blooming! We are so grateful - for you, for our community, for the friends who held us while we steadied our footing.

This January passed by quickly, just like every other month. We are absolutely swimming in new inventory - Eeboo, Canyon Leaf amber necklaces, Wild Republic, Wandering Mom teethers, Turtle Soup stickers, and so many more! 

We have been remodeling the play area (again, I know) and assembled our beautiful Cedar Works play structure. It is my very favorite thing! Next, we'll add some handcrafted benches around the sides of the area, as well as a new set of shelves on the righthand wall. This new, more versatile space will allow for more events & gatherings.

Every day we wake, we dress, we marvel at the world we've created. From time and tears and brick and stone. Two years. We are so grateful. We are so grateful.