the columbia rocks


the columbia rocks

"Mama, what is this?" Aspen is growing taller in her body with each breath. Her long legs are too slow beneath her now, her arms not long enough, her fingers just right, still chubby, like starfish, dimpled and puckered. They reach out for the needle-sharp spines of a cactus.

"Careful, my love!" I say. She touches the plant gently and recoils, searching her skin for the buried tip. 

After a while, she nods. "No blood!" And she tucks away between the rocks, searching for her friends.

Columbia State Park is peppered by great, half-buried shoulders of stone. We frequent the patch near the chicken coup, just past the end of Historic Main Street. There are picnic tables for resting, a gazebo for larger gatherings & fun photos, an old stagecoach, and a stretch of rocks fit for smaller feet and hands. You can park just beyond the candle shop.

Click here for directions to Columbia State Park.  

location: columbia
ages: 2+
average time duration: 1 hr
price: free
tip: wear grabby shoes & bring a lunch for the picnic tables.