august in review

Next to the holiday stretch between November & December, the sun-sticky days and cooling nights of August are proving to be our favorite time of the year at the shop. In the first days of the month, we celebrate Magic of the Night in Sonora. The shops along Washington Street prop doors open and let live music spill from building bellies and sidewalks. Side streets close, food vendors slide open windows, courthouse park fills with fire spinners and faeries sending giant soapy bubbles skyward. Our town comes alive, and we are grateful to be a part of the magic.


Just afterward, on the sixth of August, KC dressed in his Army greens & left for three weeks of training. Navigating the shop alone, with both babies was a challenge, but one that was understood and forgiven by the patrons of the shop. I tried my best to make time move quickly by painting a little mural on the back wall. We have our beautiful employee Madi, also, who is such an enormous help!

Since the father of the shop was gone for most of the month, we didn't get many orders written or new inventory delivered. We are working on that now, and the shelves should be full again by the middle of September!